Bridge The Know-How Gap With Sardonyx

In the evolving world of information technology, both the adoption of technology for business process and the emergence of new technologies are increasing at an unprecedented rate. This has resulted to reduced process timelines and in many cases cost and increased convenience for businesses that have actively embraced the use of technology. Our responsiveness and professionalism uniquely endear us to our growing clientele. We maintain a strong presence in all industries through deep-seated relationships with end users and consultants

We are EC-Council partners and as such provide Information Security and Assurance through Intelligence Gathering, IT Infrastructure, Database, Network, Web Application and Mobile Vulnerability Assessments, Code Review, Penetration Testing, Log Analysis, Security Incident Analysis, Security Policy Documentation, Cryptography, Data Recovery, File Carving, Computer Hacking Forensics, Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Email Forensics, Electronic Evidence Recovery and Analysis, Network Based Forensics, Host Based Forensics and Malware/Memory Forensics.

We are also into Crime Scene Investigation, Document Examination, Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations, Financial Fraud Forensic Investigations, Currency, Cheque and Passport Forensics, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Criminal Profiling, Hand Writing and Signature Analysis and Fingerprint Analysis (Biometry).

Through our Training, Vulnerability Assessments, Log Analysis, Malware Analysis, Security Incident Assessments and Analysis, Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics and Penetration Testing, Sardonyx Technologies will be able to securely position your organization to effectively engage the continuously emerging world of information security as a key driver for business growth.

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